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What I Expect to do Here.

March 20, 2008

What is a clerk futurist? A professional futurist has at least a BA degree, preferably a PhD; and good knowledge of statistics and various other branches of mathematics. This enables her [him, them, it, __] to build computer models of the future, or use other abstruse forecasting methods.

A clerk futurist might only have a high school or two-year degree.

Last year, I put this ad on Craigslist:

Clerk Futurist for hire. Services include:

Basic trend and cycle extrapolation over the next four centuries. (Caution: While these methods can produce accurate predictions, they gave several science fiction writers confidence that the Soviet Union would be a superpower through the 21st Century and beyond.)

Light scenarios.

Summaries of electronic betting on future events.

Predicting whether your science fiction idea has already been used. (I’ll give this one away free — it was used at least twenty years before you think it possibly could have been.)

And, in another area:

Proofreading/copyediting. Spellings which make sense changed to what the rules call for. (Note: I may need to learn the house rules — the way a particular publication does things.) Phrases like “the Soviet Union in the 19th Century” flagged.

How many takers did I get? None; not even an offer to give me exposure. Those who can sell their services do (and sometimes perform those services.) Those who can’t sell, blog.